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Discover the Best Brown Glass Jars for Candles: Enhance Your Home Decor with Style

brown glass jars for candles
You can find the best brown glass jars with quality scented candles at FAR Candles. a versatile choice for your home decoration

Brown glass jar candles elevate any space with a rustic charm. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these sturdy vessels offer protection from harmful UV rays, enhancing candle longevity. But there’s more than meets the eye – these containers offer a unique avenue for DIY enthusiasts indulging in homemade candle making, bringing an added touch of personalization. Taking it a step further, their vintage appeal sure to impress the recipient. Ready to light up your surroundings with a beautiful votive or tealight decoration? Let’s get into it.

You can find the best brown glass jars with quality scented candles at FAR Candles. Our selection includes top-quality 9 oz Amber Glass Candle Jars, and boast a beautiful tinted colour that enhances the aesthetic of your candles. Not only are these jars certified for premium standard, but they also have the charm and characteristic allure of a handmade artisan piece, making them a versatile choice for your home

Overview of Brown Glass Jar Candles

Brown glass jar candles have become a staple in the world of candle-making and home decor due to their warm, rustic appeal. They are a popular choice not only for containing scented and unscented candles but also for enhancing the overall visual presentation. The brown tint serves a practical purpose by providing protection against harmful UV rays, which can affect the quality and scent of the candle over time.

In homemade candle making, these jars are highly favoured due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. They perfectly complement various scents and colours, adding an earthy charm to the overall presentation. The handmade, vintage style brown glass jar becomes an integral part of the ambiance, enriching your setting with warmth and style.

Placing a beautifully scented candle in a brown glass jar on your coffee table creates an inviting atmosphere. A simple votive or tea light adds a subtle touch of glamour to your decor, especially when it’s housed in the rustic charm of a brown glass jar. It’s about the entire sensory experience that these jars contribute to.

Moreover, these jars offer homeowners the flexibility to match them with different interior styles and colour pallets. The timeless elegance of brown glass makes a complimenting partner to modern, traditional, or even eclectic decor themes, making them a versatile and stylish decoration choice for any home.

Now that we’ve established why these jars are so sought after, let’s explore various sizes, shapes, and brands available in brown glass jar candles, from artisan handmade options to vintage classics. We’ll also delve into material comparisons and durability factors to help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect brown glass jar for your DIY candle making gift.

Benefits of Using Brown Glass Jars for Candles

When it comes to selecting the right container for your candles, the colour and material play a significant role in preserving the fragrance’s quality and enhancing the visual appeal. Brown glass jars offer not just a container for your candle but a decoration that adds warmth, comfort, and character to your surroundings.

UV Protection

Brown glass jars act as sunglasses for your candles, providing crucial protection against harmful UV rays that can degrade both the wax and the fragrance’s quality. Studies have shown that brown glass can block up to 99% of UV rays. As a result, candle makers ensure their products maintain their scent and colour, offering customers a more consistent and enjoyable olfactory experience with every light.The rich, warm colour of brown glass or amber jars adds an elegant rustic charm to the candles, creating a visually appealing product that complements various decor styles. Picture this: The soft glow of a candle flickering inside an amber jar crowned with a lid, the wick dancing to and fro, the label proudly displaying the scent. This image creates a cosy and inviting ambiance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of any space.

Aesthetic Appeal

Moreover, when customers purchase candles in amber jars – complete with a lid and a reusable holder – they are acquiring a decorative item that seamlessly blends into their home environment, adding both style and purpose to their living spaces.

The sustainable nature of brown glass or amber jars contributes to their appeal. After its original purpose of casing a candle has been served, the round amber jar from a burned candle can be easily cleaned and repurposed for various uses. This reusability factor offers an eco-friendly option that aligns with the principles of sustainability.


Imagine repurposing a beautifully crafted brown glass jar as a small succulent planter or as a holder for trinkets and jewellery. The label can be replaced with a new one, signifying its new purpose. This versatility not only reduces environmental impact but also provides customers with long-term value beyond the initial purchase of the candle.

In essence, these benefits highlight why amber jars are favoured by both candle makers and consumers alike. They offer practical advantages such as UV protection while adding an elegant touch to home decor. Moreover, their reusability supports environmentally conscious practices, showcasing their multifaceted appeal in modern lifestyles.

As we proceed with our exploration of the world of candle containers, let’s now turn our attention to the significance of choosing the right size when selecting jars for your delightful creations. Indeed, size selection is crucial, much like the decision one might make when picking a round case to hold a precious piece of jewellery.

When you walk into a candle shop or start browsing online, you’ll find an array of brown glass jar sizes available. It can be overwhelming to select the right size, especially with so many options that are all tempting. It’s almost like finding a suitable holder or case for a cherished item. Remember, the size of your candle jar directly impacts its function and appearance. Let’s break down the key factors to consider when choosing the right size for your candle jar.

Size Considerations in Selecting Jars

First and foremost, consider where the candle will be placed and its intended use. Perhaps you need a small candle, in a round, reusable amber jar, to take with you on your travels. Alternatively, larger jars, with their sturdy wicks built to last, are ideal if you want to create a focal point in a living room or larger area where it can be prominently displayed as a decorative piece.

Larger candles can also emit more fragrance, making them suitable for open spaces, while smaller ones housed in round, labelled amber jars may suit enclosed areas. The size of your candle jar is directly linked to the impact you want it to make in its chosen space.

Let’s look at burn time and wax quantity. The larger the jar, the more wax it can hold, which means longer burn times for the wick. A large candle might not suit places where you want to burn it for shorter periods like kitchen countertops or office desks. Conversely, smaller jars with less wax are better suited for short bursts of burning.

Table: Recommended Jar Sizes Based on Space

In essence, balance is key when considering where your candle will go, how you want it to perform and how to best display its elegant label. Whether it’s found in a case, a holder, or a well-placed position around your living area, each candle and amber jar serves a special role. The key lies in finding the perfect fit for you and your space.All these factors play into finding the right-sized brown glass jar for your candles including the colours of your choice. Now, we’re going to delve into a series of different options available in terms of aesthetics and functionality when selecting these jars. Some prefer the minimalist appeal of candle tins, while others love the natural vibe of glass jars with wood lids. You’ll also find a wealth of information on which jar size will best complement your space and stocking up on those items that best meet your needs.


Recommended Jar Size

Travel or Small Room

4 oz – 8 oz

Bedroom or Bathroom

4 oz – 12 oz

Living Room or Open Space

12 oz – 16 oz

When it comes to using glass candles, safety should always be a top priority. It’s crucial to ensure that the glass jars used for candles are specifically designed and certified for candle use. To know when your favourite jars are back in stock or when new items are added, consider subscribing to your supplier’s newsletter. This way, you would always be aware of the latest information on the materials you need.

Glass candles bring a warm glow to your space, but when not used properly, they can pose a potential fire hazard. Ensuring that the glass jar is suitable for candle use means it can endure the high temperatures reached when the candle burns. This is especially important as extreme temperature changes can cause non-candle-certified jars to crack, leading to wax spillage and a potential fire hazard, particularly if there are flammable items nearby.

Safety Precautions for Glass Candles

When using glass candles, here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind:

For instance, placing a candle on a wooden surface without a proper base can be risky; if the candle burns all the way down and heats up the wood beneath it, it might catch fire. By using a heat-resistant plate underneath the candle, you add an extra layer of protection against accidents with the intent of maintaining the safety of your items and surroundings.

Safety Tips

As you delve into creating an ambiance with candle-lit decor, maintaining safety by carefully selecting candle-certified glass jars and adhering to standard fire-safety practices is paramount. Whether you’re using candle tins or jars with wood lids, it’s essential to ensure they’re fit for purpose.

  • Always place candles on heat-resistant surfaces, such as metal or ceramic plates, away from flammable materials like curtains or papers.
  • Keep the candles away from drafts and vents that could cause them to flicker and emit sparks.
  • Use a snuffer or a candle extinguisher to put out the flame rather than blowing it out, which can cause hot wax to splatter.

When it comes to selecting the right brown glass jar for your candles, you have two main options: market-bought or homemade. Each has its own set of advantages and limitations that you should weigh based on information about your specific needs.

Market-bought jars are a popular choice for candle makers for several reasons. Firstly, they come in a range of standardised sizes and designs, providing convenience for candle makers who require consistency across their products. This uniformity ensures that your candle series looks cohesive and professional on your store shelves or in your online shop. Additionally, these jars are readily available from suppliers, making it easy to restock as needed without any lead time.

Comparing Market and Homemade Jars

For example: Berlin Packaging and Uline are reputable suppliers that offer a wide selection of market-bought jars at competitive prices.

Market-Bought Jars

On the other hand, homemade jars offer candle makers a unique opportunity for customization. Want an unconventional shape or need a specific size that’s not commonly found in the market? Homemade jars give you the liberty to craft containers that perfectly complement your candle-making vision. The freedom to choose custom colours also sets homemade jars apart, allowing you to match your candles with a specific aesthetic or theme.

For instance: Crafters can utilise various materials like recycled glass bottles or custom moulds to create one-of-a-kind containers for their candles.

Homemade Jars

While this level of personalization allows for creativity and uniqueness in each candle, it’s important to note that homemade jars may involve more effort in terms of production, especially if crafting each container from scratch. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect option for those who prioritise individuality and uniqueness over mass production. Regardless of your choice, remember to always keep your stock well-stocked, and stay informed through newsletters or updates from your suppliers for new available items.In summary, the choice between market-bought and homemade glass candle jars, which can also double for food storage, ultimately hinges on the desired level of personalization and the scale of candle production. Whether you opt for the convenience of standardised designs or crave the flexibility of customised jars, both options offer distinct advantages that cater to different preferences within the art of candle-making. Reviews are a great source of information to decide on the quality and price of the jars.

Understanding where to procure these essential vessels for your candles will be crucially important for acquiring the best materials for your candle-making ventures. So, now let’s explore the ultimate destinations where you can source the finest brown glass jars, or candle vessels, for your aromatic creations. Always keep an eye out for sale announcements or price updates to get the best deal.

When it comes to finding the perfect brown glass jar for your candles, exploring reputable suppliers is essential. Berlin Packaging and Uline are solid starting points. Berlin Packaging offers a vast range of glass jars and containers, ensuring quality and variety. Additionally, they often post updates and sale information on their website. On the other hand, Uline boasts an extensive catalogue of packaging products, including an array of brown glass jars suitable for candle making.

Specialised candle supply stores like Candlescience always deserve your attention. They cater specifically to candle makers, offering a selection of brown glass jars designed with the candle-making process in mind. Their expertise can assist you in choosing the right jar based on their knowledge and experience in the industry. Including reviews in your research can ensure you buy the best quality jars for the price.

Consider factors such as pricing, shipping options, and jar specifications when making an informed decision. While comparing prices, remember to take into account any bulk purchase discounts or shipping costs. Additionally, carefully review jar specifications such as size, volume, and material to ensure they align with your candle-making requirements.

Best Places to Buy Brown Glass Jars for Candles

As an option worth exploring, stands out as a reliable source for high-quality brown glass jars for candles. Our website offers a wide selection of soy wax scented candles in brown glass jars, providing both quality and aesthetic appeal for candle enthusiasts. You can find all the updates about our products and their price on our website.

While other suppliers may have a variety of options available, our soy wax scented candles are made with care and precision. The amber-coloured glass jars, perfect as candle vessels or for food storage, add a touch of elegance to any space while providing a beautiful tinted colour that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of scented candles.

By choosing, you not only receive top-quality products but also contribute to an eco-friendly initiative. Our commitment to sustainability and the environment ensures that our candles are free from harmful chemicals while still emitting captivating fragrances. Plus, you can benefit from sale events and find honest customer reviews on our products.

Exploring these suppliers will open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to find the perfect brown glass jar for your candles that meets both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

Take a look at our scented candles with an amber jar at and enhance your home decor with style. Also, don’t forget to check for price updates and ongoing sale events to get the best deal.

By choosing, you not only receive top-quality products but also contribute to an eco-friendly initiative. Our commitment to sustainability and the environment ensures that our candles are free from harmful chemicals while still emitting captivating fragrances.

Exploring these suppliers will open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to find the perfect brown glass jar for your candles that meets both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

Take a look at our scented candles with an amber jar at and enhance your home decor with style.


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